During the DC Nation panel at San Diego Comic-Con, there was plenty of concept art for _Beware The Batman_ and _Teen Titans Go!_shown including character designs, villains and more. Check it out after the jump. Alex Lynch - 7/15/2012 Thanks to Twitter user Matt H. we now have some awesome looks at conceptual artwork for _Beware The Batman_ and _Teen Titans Go!_. He was also able to provide coverage from the panel including what we can expect from both series.

Highlights include:
_Beware The Batman_

- No Joker, no Penguin, no Riddler. Playing with things from the comics. Batman does more detective work.

- Batman doesn’t eat, he is on a liquid only diet.

- Alfred is a badass. Former MI6. Helps train Bruce.

- Mr Toad voiced by Udo Kier.

- No Batgirl CG Project. Brave/Bold was from a pitch or nixed DTV project with her.

- Barbara Gordon will appear in Batman. Into computers, amazed by Katana.

_Teen Titans GO!_

- Complete comedy. Some action. I believe they said 11 minute shorts for this one.

- Full original voice team back.

- Lots of old characters will return.

Here’s some artwork featuring all of the main _Titans_ characters, as well as villains and heroes for _Beware The Batman_.

Logo for _Beware_.

Very early concept for Batman

Final Batman model

Appearance of The Batmobile.

Concept art for the “public” version of Bruce Wayne.

Alfred Concept

Lt. Gordon concept

Mr. Toad artwork.

Metamorpho concept.

Roster for _Teen Titans GO!_

Robin character designs.

Beast Boy character designs.

Cyborg character designs.

Raven character designs.

Starfire character designs.

That appears to be the best of the amount of artwork shown at Comic-Con. You can check out a few more images at Matt H.'s Twitter account. As a Thank you for your Subscription - Receive a Free copy of my book “Ed-isms” Confirm Your Sub with an email here: Subscr Get a Book!

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