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Bond games removed from Steam and Activision online stores

Faster than you can repeat a surname, the James Bond games have disappeared from Steam and Activision’s own download store. In addition, the download versions of the games _007 Legends, Blood Stone_ and _Quantum of Solace_ don’t show up on Amazon, though of course the disc versions are still available there.

The likely explanation would seem to be expiring rights to the 007 license, but the timing doesn’t make sense on that, considering that _007 Legends_ was just released in October (and November on PC). We’re investigating the matter, though not in the sexy, brutal James Bond method: we’ve just asked Activision about it.
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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

The Hottest new console game craze Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is a solid choice
Holiday shoppers this past Christmas were treated to one of the largest toy IP launches ever with the release of Activision Publishing, Inc’s Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The game accessories, figures, and line quickly moved to the top of everyone’s holiday must-have list as retailers across the country stocked shelves with the affordable and vibrant figures. Since then a new line of figures called Skylanders Giants is proposed for release in the Fall of 2012 which will add both physical size (more than twice that of existing figures) and count to the already successful line of 30 figures to choose from.

In Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure children pick the colorful figure they want to play and place it on the portal of power. The figure, through the ‘brain’ contained within it, magically appears in the game world. If the child wants a new figure he or she picks it up off the portal and replaces it, the game does the rest.

Once inside the console game world children can interact with each other helping their friends the Skylanders move through a unique and imaginative story created by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow who also brought you the plot to the feature film Toy Story. If the children aren’t interested in story driven play there are many mini games as well for them to enjoy. Additionally, Activision Publishing, Inc has broadened the games playability through an online component called Skylanders Spyro’s Universe where the children use the same figures they’ve grown to love in the console game in an online game setting.

Best of all any of the figures from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure are compatible with any console game system. As long as friends have a portal of power connected to their game system or computer the figures work. No setting changes, no configuration, no pairing. Just drop the figure on the portal of power and you’re off on an adventure at your friend’s house.

Activision Publishing has put some thought into the platform as well. With the expansion release in the fall of 2012 and the Skylanders Giants line as well as eight additional figures consumers have been assured of compatibility through and through. No requirements to purchase expensive upgrades or hardware to continue to use the original figures so recently purchased. Everything just works together. All that hard work to level up those characters, hard-won items, statistic customization will all be 100% intact and compatible with Skylanders Giants.

If you’re a console gamer, know a console gamer, or are thinking of becoming one Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is an excellent choice. The customizable play offers something for everyone. The ever growing field of figures is both fun to play with and look at. The vision already shown by the games creators demonstrates this franchise is here to stay and will offer surprises in the long run. Innovative, affordable, and fun; Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is the total package of console gaming for 2012.

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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Released

For fans of web-slinging action games, the past few years have given plenty of choices for play experiences. Even if they’ve almost all come from developer Beenox, and ranged from spectacular and refreshing to run-of-the-mill and forgettable. Peter Parker is set to challenge past titles with _The Amazing Spider-Man_, a tie-in game to the film of the same name. Extensive details or footage is still scarce, but the newest trailer gives players a better idea of what to expect.
It’s easy to look down on the vast catalogue of superhero tie-in games as the profit-driven enterprises that many have proven to be. But with Marvel taking more control over their cherished properties, and a rebooted _Spider-Man_ film franchise on the horizon, _The Amazing Spider-Man_ could be a chance to prove that the times are changing. We’re not expecting another _Arkham City_, but something better than _Edge of Time_ isn’t too much to ask. The game’s announcement trailer showed how the story would be worked into the overall plot of the film, but only brief glimpses were shown of the game itself. The new trailer doesn’t exactly show any combat moves or traversal abilities, but does provide a longer look into the presumed free-roaming open world and animations. Check it out now: At this point a bit of skepticism is healthy when it comes to Spidey vehicles, since Beenox and Activision have proven their ability to trick fans into thinking their games will be better than they ever try to be. With only vague allusions to the new ‘Web Rush’ combat mechanic that will be changing the existing formula, the developers have yet to convince gamers that their game will be as new as the feature film. From the first impression, _The Amazing Spider-Man_ seems to have far more in common with previous Beenox games than the much grittier film. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does raise questions as to how faithful a tie-in this project really is. The nighttime setting and far more adult tone of the movie’s Superbowl trailer certainly doesn’t mesh with the stark white environments (not to mention the hulking robotic enemies) of this trailer. The developers still have plenty of time to show more of the game, so we’ll reserve judgement. What are your feelings about this trailer? Do you consider this game a movie tie-in, or just the next _Spider-Man_ game from Beenox? _The Amazing Spider-Man_ is scheduled for a July 3 release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.
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